Females for Sale

We're offering the following females for sale as we move forward with our fibre breeding program. 

GEM Cassiterite SURI F1  

Cassie - Light Brown
DOB - 22nd Jan 2005
IAR # - 66989
SIRE - Chia Park Champayne Lad (Solid MF)
DAM - Cameloid Farm Hayley (BLK & W)

All of Cassie's cria have been a solid colour. She is a great mum. A little over weight but a good purchase.

Cassie is pregnant to our Suri male Tin Tin 

$300.00 + GST  SOLD

GEM Hope Diamond 

Hope - LF
DOB - 9th March 2013
IAR # - 1011300
SIRE - Warralinga Cedar (Solid BRF)
DAM - Patagonia Mokha  (Solid MBR)

Hope is a nice young female with double El Dorado genetics. We are breeding for colour so Hope has to go. She will be a great starter alpaca for anyone and has many years of breeding ahead of her.

$450.00 + GST

Caithness Farm Nessa  

Nessa - Mid Fawn
DOB - 2nd Jan 2007
IAR # - 121509
SIRE - Caithness Farm Tewhi (Solid W)
DAM - Caithness Farm T234 (Solid LF)

Nessa has given us one beautful fawn cria (Serpentine below) and we purchased her other daughter. They both have lovely fleeces. We need to make room for new stock. Mated to the right male you will get goreous fleeces.

$500.00 +GST  SOLD

GEM Serpentine 

Serpentine - Mid Fawn
DOB - 29th Fen 2012
IAR # - 1008204
SIRE - Honeyfields Southerland (Solid MF)
DAM - Caithness Farm Nessa (Solid MF)

Serpentine is our cria from Nessa (above) she's a nice female with a good breeding life ahead of her. Great investment for the fawn breeder.

$700.00 + GST  SOLD



GEM Albury SURI  F3

Albury - Mid Fawn
DOB - 22nd Dec 2014
IAR # - 1015503
SIRE - Surico Tin Tin (Solid LBR)
DAM - Gem Lazulite (Solid W)

Albury is a good strong female. Comes readily for nuts from your hand. We are selling off all our Suri stock to concentrate on the Huacaya only fleece type. Albury is pregnant.

She is halter trained and has good fineness and lock structure

$1200.00 + GST



GEM Lazulite SURI F2

Lazu- Solid White
DOB - 5th Feb 2009
IAR # - 1002597
SIRE - Surilana Accoyo Adonis (Solid MF)
DAM - Gem Cassiterite (Solid DF)

Lazu is a great mum and solid breeder. Easy to handle. Lazu is an F2. Lazu is pregnant to our suri male Sirico Tin Tin

$700.00 + GST  SOLD



GEM Sun Crystal

Sun Crystal- Solid Black
DOB - 27th Dec 2014
IAR # - 1015505
SIRE - Warralinga Cedar (Solid LBR)
DAM - Gem Jade (Tuxedo Grey)

Sun Crystal is a lovely little black girl from our big healthy grey female Jade (recently Sold) She will be ready to mate this season if required.

$700.00 + GST



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