Females for Sale

Due to Covid 19 and lack of tourists we have to close down our farm and retail shop. All our females have to move on to new homes. After 20 years of breeding this is a really tough thing to do but we have no choice.  Our stunning group of Kowhai Park girls we purchased for excellent breeding but then we got hit with Covid so sadly are selling them on


Kowhai Park Sierra 
DOB Feb 2014 - IAR 1006432

Sierra is a proven breeder and a fantastic mum. $1350.00 + GST


Kowhai Park Black Pepper 
DOB Dec 2016 - IAR 1015341

$1500.00 + GST


Kowhai Park Juniper 
DOB Dec 2013 - IAR 1006428

A great breeder and mum $1200.00 + GST


Gem Citrine 
DOB Dec 2010 - IAR 1008195

Citrine has been a very good breeder for us putting beautiful cria on the ground $1000.00 + GST


Gem Eureka 
DOB Nov 2012 - IAR 1011296

Eureka has given us some brilliant breeding stock will do so for a few more years yet with her new owner. $1200.00 + GST 


Kowhai Park Freya 
DOB Jan 2014 - IAR 1006430

We purchased Freya to breed from but when Covid hit we now have to close our business. She has proven herself to me a great mum.  $1500.00 + GST


Gem Tourmaline 
DOB Dec 2016 - Can be registered if needed.

We have not breed from Tourmaline yet as we have been busy using her stunning fleece. She is now ready for her new home and time to become a mum. $1400.00 + GST


Kowhai Margarita 
DOB Jan 2019 - IAR 1021833

We purchased Margarita with her mum, she's now ready for her breeding life in a new home. $1500.00 + GST


Kowhai Park Virginiana 
DOB Dec 2018 - IAR 1021699

This young female was purchased with her mum, she's ready to start her breeding life with her new home. $1500.00 + GST


Gem Angelite 
DOB Feb 2013 - IAR10082065

Angel is a sweet heart and a great mum, we will be sad to see her go

$1500.00 + GST

Gem Hope 
DOB March 2013 - IAR 1011300

Hope is a nice female who we have had many stunning fleeces off for yarn in the shop but it's time for her to start breeding. $800.00 + GST

Gem Willow 
DOB Dec 2020 - IAR to be registered if need be

A gorgeous grey with a stunning first fleece. Due to closing we'll not get to breed from her sadly. $1500.00 + GST


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