Basic Alpaca Facts

Basic Alpaca Facts

Are you looking for basic grass roots information on farming alpacas? 
Yes, well you're in the right place. In places throughout this website you'll see the reference to Camelids, that's because Camels, Alpacas and llamas, Vicuna and Guanaco are all members of the camelid family. We have both Llamas and Alpacas hence the word camelids being used. We pride ourselves in giving honest advise and straight up answers to any of your questions. No hard sell just honest options so you can be well informed before you even decide alpacas or Llamas are for you. We'll show you how to catch and pen your Alpacas / Llamas - Body Condition Score your new friends - Trim nails - give vaccinations - place the Halter on - help with shearing arrangements if needed either here with us or at your place.

Are camelids really as easy to care for as you have read elsewhere? 
Yes, they really are. We waste many hours just sitting and enjoying the company of our camelids, they're very inquisitive creatures and love to check out what's going on around them. Shearing needs done once a year, they eat about as much as a sheep does but Alpaca get 75% more nutrition from what they eat turning it into energy etc. 

Do they spit? 
Yes, they do BUT generally only at each other.If you do get spat at it's usually because they feel threatened by you, or you haven't read the body language and they were actually aiming at another camelid which you happened to be in the crossfire of.

What's the difference between Alpacas and llamas? 
Llamas are the bigger of the two camelids, but with the quieter nature as far as I'm concerned. Llamas have big banana shaped ears and short fibre on their face and legs. Llamas are great companion animals and love long treks, they'll carry a pack and comfortably carry around 60 kg. Alpaca are happier just to hang out with their mates in a paddock, they are the fibre producing gurus. You can work with the fibre off both animals but the alpacas fleece is just incredible and without the guard hair which all double coated or woolley llamas have. Under that guard though is a lovely almost down like fibre, really soft but short in length.


Posted: Thu 17 Apr 2014


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